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Cardboard Art Ideas :: 5 Art Projects Kids Can Make from a Cardboard Box

Updated: May 14, 2021

We love using recycled art materials for our art making, and especially like to use cardboard for kids art.

My kids call dibs on any cardboard box that comes through the house and use them for all kinds of creative ideas, including forts, race cars, garbage trucks, trains, a fishing boat, any kind of pretend play really.

  1. Build and paint a box tower (on Meri Cherry)

  2. Create an artful birthday tree (on The Imagination Tree)

  3. Make abstract paintings with paper towel rolls and a box (on Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone)

  4. Make textured paintings with cardboard (on Jennifer Rizzo)

  5. Make your own cardboard stamps (on Housing a Forest)

Do your children use cardboard boxes for pretend play? Share some of their creative ideas with us in the comments.

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