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Are You Creative?

Do you have a hard time helping your child grow in their own creative efforts?

Creativity is the ability to look at the world in a unique, nontraditional way. It is being different. Everyone is creative!

However, not all of us believes that we are creative as we think that creativity must be a complex thing. Others believe that creativity takes training or practice. Still others believe that some are born with it, while others are not. Not true. The way you respond to the world is the way you show your personal creativity. In fact, your answers to a series of simple questions will show you just how creative you are. And, I promise . . you are creative.

  1. What would happen if the sky was not blue?

  2. What would happen if flowers grew in the snow?

  3. What would happen if salads were made out of candy?

  4. What would happen if bunnies had long necks like giraffes?

  5. What would happen if you could take a ride on a cloud?

So now that you know that you are creative, consider delving deeper into your creative mind. Do this by trying something new.

My struggle has always been the idea of what to do with my boys, and the idea of the mess. So I challenged myself to do a new project each day for a week. I let them sit with me and we scrolled Pinterest. After picking out our favorites I set about collecting supplies. I set up the projects after putting the babies down for their afternoon naps, and we began our mess.

My 3 tips for doing the 5 day challenge are:

  1. Find a consistent time to do the project each day, or at least write it down in a schedule so you have time blocked off.

  2. Prep all the supplies for that days project in a bin or box so it is easy to grab and set up.

  3. Put down the phone and enjoy the time with your kids, you can always take pictures of their finished artwork, but getting that one on one time is huge! I also find myself looking at the directions and worrying about the step. Instead trust yourself to lead and share the steps at your own pace.

This challenge does not have to be hard, and each project hast he ability to make little alterations in the way you do things, or slightly different paths to arrive at a familiar place. Don't have a particular supply, think about what you do have and try it out instead.

Remember Art is a Science Experiment! It does not have to be perfect! You will be surprised as to what you learn about yourself, your children, and the fun you will have on this road to self-discovery.

Happy Creating,

xo, Stefani

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