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Are you looking for new ways to explore the outdoors with your child? Go on a nature walk together.

What You Need:

  • Easy-to-carry bag or container

  • Collection of natural items (leaves, seeds, grass, sticks, feathers, etc.)

  • Tape and clear contact paper

How to Do this Activity

Encourage your child to collect treasures during your nature walk from the ground in a bag or container — naming them together as materials are gathered.

Bring everything home and lay the items out on the table (be mindful of choking hazards). Tape a piece of clear contact paper, sticky side up, to the table or another flat surface, such as the floor (on the floor, you’ll tend to have closer physical contact with your child).

Work together to arrange the items he picked up outside on the sticky paper.

When finished, adhere the sticky paper to a window. The light will shine through, illuminating the natural objects.

What Your Child Learns

  • differences and similarities

  • textures, shapes, colors

  • thoughtful observation

***The items will fade, but you can watch the process of everything deteriorating if you want! Make sure to take a picture since it won't last forever!

xo, Stefani

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