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Artfully Creative Education: Art classes with Children in mind

Artfully Creative Education was founded by a mom and teacher who loves encouraging children to explore their creativity. We provide art classes throughout the community for children ages 2-12.

We offer:

  • weekly art classes

  • workshops

  • art camps

  • special events

  • parents night out

  • birthday parties


What makes us different?

There are a lot of options when it comes to child extracurriculars. We believe that our families love Artfully Creative Education because we are always challenging ourselves to create the best possible experience for the parents and the children that use our services. What does that mean, you say? Well, it starts the moment you go on to our website to book a class. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your course search and check out process. As a mom of 4, I want to make it easy for families to register more than one child. Then your child will attend their art class, and be welcomed by the instructor, where they will get to create their name tags (one for them to wear & one for their artwork) and see that days book and project.

Next, kids will have fun as we read or look at the book of the day, and brainstorm things we know about the subject. The instructors have a fun art related tidbit to share, and we get down to creating.


What do our classes look like?

Ages 2-5 get to explore materials and create a project with their caregiver.

Ages 5-10 are able to explore the art tidbit by making their own project. Creativity to make theirs unique and different is encouraged!

Ages 9-12 are able to explore their creative side to create a project on their own or as a team. There is lots of brainstorming, engineering, problem solving, and creativity!


What is Our approach?

We believe that children are innately intuitive and able to create the most amazing masterpieces. Through art our instructors encourage them:

  • to understand that problems can have more than one solution,

  • to use different art mediums and tools confidently,

  • to express one’s feelings,

  • to discover their uniqueness as individuals and celebrate it,

  • to create without the fear of doing wrong just because they do it differently


We hope to create with you soon! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and join our email list to stay up to date on our classes, camps, and other fun events.

xo, Stefani

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