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Encourage Creativity and Confidence for Kids Through Art

Tips for encouraging young children through their art process and how to build their confidence.

Fine Motor Skills & Creative Confidence In Young Children

There is a lot that goes into artistic ability. Self-confidence is one of them.

Believing that you can create, as well as enjoying the act of creating, are as important if not, MORE important – than technical art skills.

I always share that I am not a trained or natural artist, yet I practice and create because it brings me joy.

My first suggestion is to help your child hold on to their self-confidence. In art specifically, but also in general, and their enjoyment of art.

How? Here are some ideas:

1. Engage in the art process with your child, show them that you can have fun with art and to turn mistakes into masterpieces.

2. Make the process as explorative as possible. Allow your child to play and learn how to use a material before making something with it. Discuss the material with them, and explain and show them how to use it, but remember to also sit back and observe how they choose to interact with the materials.

3. When giving praise to a child it is important that they learn that they don't need others approval of their art work. Instead of saying that's beautiful, comment on a specific "I really liked how you used the blue color to draw that, can you tell me why? Get them talking about their artwork; what parts are they proud of which part is their favorite.

4. Keep the project age appropriate. When I sit down to do a project with my boys it can be like a juggling act. Being adaptive and knowing where your child is at with their skills can be very helpful.

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