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Happy Birthday, Winslow Homer!

About Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts on February 24, 1836. His mother was a watercolor artist and taught Homer how to draw and paint. When Homer was old enough, he moved to New York City to make illustrations for a magazine. When the Civil War broke out, Homer was sent to the battlefields to draw what he saw.

Homer liked to show the relationships between people and nature. He loved the outdoors and moved to Maine to paint. He is best known for his Seascapes which are paintings of the sea. He is famous for capturing the many moods of the ocean from the clod, grey waters of New England to the warm waters of the Caribbean.

Seascapes remain one of my favorite subjects to teach. I grew up near the ocean and love the changing moods, colors and textures of the sea. It’s easy to tie in a clipper ship or sailboat with Homer. Using watercolors like Homer did offers the opportunity to teach the many colors of blue.

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