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Make a Mess

Updated: May 28, 2021

If you’re anything like me you dread messes! My solution? Have more kids haha, no seriously! Maybe not your own, but plan a play date with friends because the more the merrier.

I find if I am cleaning up a mess, there should be a lot of FUN tied to it. Embrace the fun, and the aftermath and let’s start playing! Below are my top 3 favorite clean up hacks:

1: vinyl table cloths

Whether multi use or single, these brightly colored pieces of plastic are my all time favorite way to protect your surfaces from a mess. Single use is great if it’s a one time craft project, you just roll it up into a ball and throw it in the trash. For more environmentally friendly options a reusable tablecloth that is waterproof is the way to go. They’re easily wiped down, sanitized, and folded to save for another fun project.

2: butcher paper

Also known as craft paper, it comes on a roll, and is perfect for covering a surface. Not only does it protect your surface, it’s the perfect place to doodle and practice your creative side.

3: baby wipes

These are going to be your best friend! They are so versatile, from cleaning dirty hands, to wiping up spills, blotting paint off a project to correct any happy accidents, their list of uses goes on.

Tell me what are some of your favorite ways to clean up a messy but FUN project?

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