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Who is that Yellow Blob?

You might have seen a yellow blob of paint floating around Facebook and Instagram lately advertising art classes for kids. Let me introduce to you the driving force behind Artfully Creative Education LLC, and share why this isn't your typical art studio style classes.

First a bit about me and my 4 whys.

Hi! My name is Stefani, and I am mom to 4 incredible kids. I am a certified teacher, and have taught grades PreK through 5th. This past year during the pandemic I stayed home to teach online through an international platform. Teaching all ages and subjects to children around the world, I found myself enjoying my simple drawing class the most.

As I began to plan for the summer and what next school year held I had an idea. Simple directed art classes for ages 2-12. That could provide a unique experience for kids to successfully create a project that is both directed yet made their own by adding their own details and modifications.

I fully believe that art should be fun and enjoyable, as well as a learning experience.

My oldest is pictured above and has loved art and exploring his creativity from a very young age. As we have added to our family our interest in all things drawing, painting and clay have grown.

M middle son bloomed in his drawing skills as we would sit and practice with me leading a directed drawing. It has helped his confidence grow and encouraged him to draw using his imagination.

While my younger two are at a stage of exploring materials and such they love to get in on the action. Whether finger painting with pudding or drawing with chalk they are gaining some amazing skills!

What makes Artfully Creative Education different?

Being that we are a mobile studio means there is no physical location for you to come to, we come right out into the community! We do this by partnering with other local businesses, community centers, schools, preschools, daycares, and small groups such as the scouts and homeschoolers.

Classes, no matter the age group, have literature and music sprinkled in, along with math, science, and engineering. Our classes are split into age groups so the skills we work on in class are developmentally appropriate, and offer a tailored curriculum to engage students throughout the class time. We provide children with the safe place to explore and create to their heart's content. Artfully Creative Education instructors are encouraging, and take the time to spend with the kids talking about their work. You will often hear an instructor ask "which part did you like making best", or "can you tell me more about what you made".

You might also notice that our class prices are not as high as some of the other kid activities in the area. That is because we strive to make it affordable for all families to participate. We offer sibling discounts, free classes for children in foster care, and work with schools to bring no cost to parents enrichment activities.

We hope to see you soon and until then happy creating!

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