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Happy National Donut Day!

To celebrate such a yummy day why not enjoy making some with the kids that won't ruin their appetite, or add to your waistline! Here are a few creative crafts to make with the kiddos!

Pretend Donuts Grab some socks from goodwill, wash them (of course), and turn them into cute donuts that can be used for pretend play!

How cute would this ring toss game be for a little donut party? You'll love this easy and fun donut craft idea.

Take cover from the sun in your donut floppy hat. This is a fun project for the summer.

Use paint for the icing and colored rice for the sprinkles to make this adorable donut craft. Cut a hole in the paper plate, and you've got one delicious looking fake donut. Perfect craft for playtime.

Donut Jokes To Tell Afterwards

  • What did the donuts do on their date? They glazed into each other’s eyes

  • Why were the golfer’s donuts so bad? Because he couldn’t get a hole in one!

  • Why did the donut go to the dentist? To get a filling!

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