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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! My Favorite art supplies for kids.

Finding good art supplies that actually work though, among all that are being promoted these days, is not easy. No one wants, or should have to spend money on things that give mediocre results. These are the bees knees, that I enjoy using in our classes!

Favorite Storage System

I'll start with storage for art supplies, because it's a must to keep the chaos of art a little controlled! Storex Classroom Student Project Box, 15.25 x 13.25 x 3.25 inches , Assorted Tints, 5-Pack (63202U05C),they make a wide variety of sizes, but I found that this size is great because it can hold bigger paper sizes. I also like how it is a 5 pack, so you can group your materials accordingly, plus they stack easily for storage in a closet or cabinet.


Stabilio is a go to favorite brand of markers, hands down. The tips hold up well, the caps are clear and interchangeable, and the palette of warm and cool colors just can’t be beat. These were my markers of choice for after school art classes for years.


A deluxe box of these crayons are still the best value, especially when you need lots of color choices. Who can possibly color a landscape or seascape with one shade of green or blue?


Try out these Portfolio Pastels if you want oil pastels that make amazing color, and often end up looking like an oil painting. The 24 pack has a wonderful palette!

Mixed Media Paper

This versatile multi media paper is perfect for a variety of applications from pencil and charcoal to marker and oil pastels. I also love it for wet media like watercolors.

Watercolor Paper

Only real watercolor paper can truly show how brilliant watercolors hues and textures can be. Canson is my favorite for after school classes and never disappointed (especially when the next product was used to paint on them).

Paint Brush

A good paint brush can make all the difference in the world. This sturdy rounded tip are my go to for small details!

Liquid Watercolor Paint

These amazing liquid paints, are life changing! No messy trays with tablets that mix and get muddy, and these colors are beyond vibrant.

Tempera Paint Cakes

Why tempera cakes instead of the liquid paint? Because with a brush and cup of water, students have everything they need. They can even control the value if they want, by adding more or less water, thus cutting down on the waste of paint that doesn't get used.

Kid Tested- Teacher Approved!

All of these products have been tested in a art classroom setting and found bring the best quality for the dollars spent. Students do not need fancy supplies to make their best work, but they do need supplies that hold up! Happy shopping!

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